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Aurelien Jegou

A French filmmaker in Taipei
Aurélien Jegou

Imagination springs from the desire to bring differences closer




Director work

鍾任壁 - Zhong Ren Bi
鍾任壁 - Zhong Ren Bi
Lire la vidéo

鍾任壁 - Zhong Ren Bi

朱秀章 - Zhu Xiu Zhang
Lire la vidéo

朱秀章 - Zhu Xiu Zhang

林明秀 - Lin Ming Xiu
Lire la vidéo

林明秀 - Lin Ming Xiu


Editor work



YouTube Editor

YouTube Editor


I am a French independent filmmaker based in Taipei. I have over 15 years of experience directing, shooting, and editing music videos, promotional videos, commercials, short films and documentaries. I’m also an experienced fiction scriptwriter. I have particular interest and more experience in shooting LGBT contents.

​I mostly work as a director, but I can also work as a shooter or an editor. I have experience working as a one man crew and developing particular concepts specially for that kind of configuration, and I also work with bigger crews and bigger setups. Whatever the size and the budget, my priority is always to deliver high quality products, whether it’s artistic or commercial.

I worked with brands like Ikea, Asus, Oreo, or Eslite, and with artists like Pascale Borel, Elsa Kopf, Pierre Faa, Ellery Prescott, Adoga, in France and in Taiwan.

I’m also an awarded filmmaker for short movies and I will be shooting my first feature length film this year in Taiwan.

Professional abilities



Script writer


Language abilities






Director / Editor

Cookie the Drag Queen - YouTube Channel - Taiwan


Follow Xiaofei - YouTube Channel - Taiwan


Phil's Journey - Feature documentary - Taiwan​



Director / Editor

Titans Rotary club - Corporate event - 3 min and 7 min - Taiwan

IBA Basketball League - Commercial - Taiwan


Eden - Feature movie - Development - Taiwan / France

May. King. Lo. V. - TV Series - Development - Taiwan / France



Director / Editor

Insomnia - Short movie - Iceberg Productions - 14 min - Taiwan - Nominated for Best Editing at Shanghai Pride Film Festival, Official Selection at Corvallis Queer Film Festival, Selected by GagaOOlala, Taiwanese VOD - Contact me to see a screener

Too sweet - Short movie - Taipei short film initiative / Urban Nomad - 8 min - Taiwan - Contact me to see a screener

Moon over my heart - Studio recording session - Sherry Cheng - 10 East

Believe in me - Music video - Ellery Prescott

Parfois une peau - Music Video - Pierre Faa - Taiwan / France

TransHuman/SubHuman - Performance Recording - Arnaud Lechat - Taiwan


Amir - Short movie - Tami Xu - Taiwan

Yet Untitled - Short movie - An Ton That - Taiwan / Vietnam

Eslite - Commercial - Zed Wang - Taiwan


A Decision - Feature documentary - 陳志漢 - Taiwan​


HP - Global Parent - Pride Month Video "Proud to be me" - Promotional Video - 90 seconds production - Taiwan / USA

Safran - Promotional video - Keyi Productions - Taiwan / China / France


Director / Editor

Living Meme - Series of 10 short movies - V-media - 6x10 min - 4x3 min - Taiwan

Editor / Colorist

Oreo commercials - Series of 3 short films + 1 trailer - Little Manjushri Production - Taiwan / Singapore

Shiny Heart, Dirty mind - Music video - Aaken - Taiwan

L'appel du vide - Music video - Aaken - Taiwan

Y.L. Lin Hung Tai Education Foundation - Commercial - Taiwan


ASUS - Product presentation - Freels - Taiwan


Mask - Short movie - 陳羽安 - Taiwan


Director / Editor

The Mermaid and the Whale - Short movie - 20 min - W.H.Y production platform - Taiwan - Official selection in 8 festivals - Awarded "Best Screenplay" in France

Step to me - Music Video - Adoga Band - Taiwan

Soac X Ikea - commercial - Taiwan


Director / Editor

Eslite hotel - short presentation - Taiwan

IHO - Commercial - China


Intensive course of Mandarin at the Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) and the Beijing Language and Culture University (China)


Director / Editor

Des enfants insolents - Music Video - Elsa Kopf - France

Mascara - Music Video - Pierre Faa - France

Poisson Rouge - Music Video - Pascale Borel - France


La Mante Religieuse - Feature movie - director Natalie Saracco - France

2001 - 2014

Director / Editor

Baby Wings - Short movie - 20 min - Forge Production - France - Contact me to see the whole short movie

Swimming in craft - Short movie - 29 min - Forge Production - France


TV series:

KD2A (Lead character, 6 seasons) - Madame la Proviseur (Lead character, 1 season) - Julie Lescaut - Les Monos (Lead character, 1 season) - Hubert et le chien - Pas tout de suite - Beauty and the Geek - VDM - Navarro - Le malade imaginaire - Equipe medicale d'urgence

Feature movie :

Day of the Comet - Director Cedric Hachard - Forge Productions

Short movies :

Green Boy - Bertrand devant l'éternel - Le jour du festin - Eriador - Manque d'anniversaire - Les seins d'Elsa - Le voyage de Mr Tristounet

Commercials :

Assurance Maladie - Golden Grahams - Febreze - EDF - Douce France - Playstation - France Telecom - Renault Kangoo

Theater :

Leonce et Lena - Le petit théâtre d'Elizabeth - Don Juan - La bonne âme du Se-Tchouan - Le coup de Trafalgar - Ainsi va le monde

1998 - 2001


Cours Florent (Paris) - American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York)

What's next ?

What's next

The mermaid and the whale - feature film - Preparation

Amongst the urban milieu of Taipei, Adrien, a young french expatriate scriptwriter, struggles to stabilize the wavering affections of his Taiwanese boyfriend, amidst the evident stage of his unexplicable pregancy. Little by little, his reality swells into the surreal. - Contact me to see a visual presentation -

Insomnia - short movie trilogy / feature film - Preparation

Insomnia will be a trilogy of short love stories about break-up/mourning/rebirth, echoing a never-ending cycle embedded into life itself, specially in Asian cultures.
The overall project will be composed of 3 independent short films, to which will be appended filmed love letters, like post-scriptum. It'll be assembled all together in the end as a feature film.
It's mostly inspired by Taiwanese films from the 90's. I wanted to catch atmospheres, a certain pace unique to Taipei, and I tried to add the perspective of being foreign to this culture. I conceived the story as a medium to transcribe a state of mind at a precise moment in time. - Contact me to read the script -

May, King, Love, & the foreigner - TV Series - Pitching

Once upon a time, 4 very good gay friends decided to launch a Vlog about gay life in Taipei. Triggered originally by the devastating referendum’s results about gay rights, the questions raised are endless.
Every episode treats a valid question, while our heroes keep meeting guys on apps like Tinder, Grindr, Jack’d, Hornet...
On Sunday brunches, early drinks or late night parties in real places all over Taipei, they reflect and try to define what is the real gay life.
Based on real interviews through their Vlog, the show is to ellaborate and create a real understanding about gay habits in Asia.

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